Pink Piranha (G1-B Type A) 4Hz 27V Oscillator


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This is our portable Type A model which is for dedicated everyday use and is powered by 1 x  3.7 Volt 18650 Lithium-Ion battery. Battery is not included.

This unit uses Pre-Gel TENS electrode Pads to provide three methods of deep micro-current bio-electrification.

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Pink Piranha G1-B Type A 4Hz Bio-Electrification Device

Electric Dreams Pink Piranha is a 4 Hertz Biphasic Square Wave Oscillator that deploys 27 volts of micro current bursts into the hosts circulatory system to improve wellbeing.

Our device comes with an Easy to understand, 18 page color User Manual written in Layman’s English. Includes Standard Operating Procedure, electrode charts,  circulatory map and other valuable information to make the most out of the device. No complicated jargon.

The Pink Piranha is an advanced bio-electrification device that uses micro-current deployment via TENS pads rather than steel electrodes. It deploys micro currents with better electrical conductivity than legacy ones.

The Pink Piranha generates 27 volts using a 3.7 volt Lithium-Ion Battery.

The Pink Piranha operates at 4Hz and is able to adjust it’s current output to over come different bio resistances for better penetration. There are four settings: 0.1 mA, 1.5 mA, 3.5 mA and for hard core experimentation 10 mA.

The PINK PIRANHA Package includes:

  1. 1 x Biphasic Square Wave Oscillator which features:
    • Operating Frequency of 4 Hertz
    • 27 Volts powered by 1 x 18650 3.7 Volt Lithium-Ion battery (Battery Not Included)
    • 1 x 18650 3.7V  battery bay
    • Visible Voltage Display
    • Gold Plated Electrode Sockets
    • Off / On Switch
    • Intensity Control Dial
    • Red LED 4 Hertz Indicator
  2. 1 x 18 page PP-G1-B-A USER MANUAL.
  3. 2 x 90cm electrode leads with 2mm gold plated connection pins (connects to standard TENS electrode pads)
  4. 4 x Reusable Pre-Gel electrode Pads (4cm x 4cm)
  5. 1 Year Warranty. Covers Parts and Labor for 1 year from purchase.

The PINK PIRANHA User Manual covers the following:

1. Introduction

2. Safety Notice

3. Device Map

4. Standard Operating Procedure

5. Do’s and Don’ts

6. Hand Circulatory

7. Conductive A (Electrode Placement A)

8. Conductive B (Electrode Placement B)

9. Conductive C (Electrode Placement C)

10. Electrodes

11. Power Supply

12. Specifications

13. Trouble Shooting

14. Contact Information


With the success of our own electronic wellness devices like the tACS device called the Bumble Bee, many customers have asked us if we could build a Blood Electrification device based on the original 1990s electronic specifications. After a lot of consideration, research and development we have created the Pink Piranha. The Pink Piranha is an advanced version of the original device and uses current deployment via TENS pads rather than steel electrodes. And deploys micro currents with better electrical conductivity than the legacy one.

In theory viral particles in the circulatory system could be adversely affected by these micro-bursts of electric current. The viral particles are not directly destroyed by the electric current, but rather the outer protein coating of the virus is affected in such a way as to prevent the virus from producing reverse transcriptase, a necessary enzyme needed by the virus to invade human cells. Reverse transcriptase allows the virus to enter a human T cell line and commandeer the DNA reproduction machinery. After using the host cell to reproduce itself into thousands of new virii, the swollen host cell (now called syncytia or giant cell) will burst and spew the contents into the bloodstream or lymph system. This is how the virus spreads, but lacking reverse transcriptase, the virus can’t invade the host cell and it becomes vulnerable to destruction by the body’s immune system.

As we are an electronics company and not a medical one, we can not validate if using this technology is factual or not. There will be believers and their will be skeptics. We leave this final truth for the users who have asked us to build it and let them decide and confirm the results.

We make no promises that it can help you, but we do hope that it will. If so, the Pink Piranha will live up to its name of quickly devouring its prey (in this case a virus). If it does, then let us know.

As our inventor Chen Ming-Yu of the Bumble Bee device says:” If two entangled quantum particles can communicate with each other across space and time instantaneously with one being on Earth and the other on Neptune, then anything is possible.”

Best of Health.

Electric Dreams Co. Taiwan.



Do NOT use this product with subjects using cardiac pacemakers. Any electrical signals may interfere with “demand” type heart pacers and cause malfunction.

Do NOT use this product on pregnant women, while driving or using hazardous machinery.

Do NOT ingest anything containing potentially toxic medications, nicotine, alcohol, recreational drugs, laxatives, for several days before starting because electrification can cause electroporation which makes cell membranes pervious to small quantities of normally harmless chemicals in plasma.

Do NOT place electrodes over skin lesions, abrasions, new scars, cuts, eruptions or sunburn.

Do NOT increase intensity to uncomfortable levels.


Do Hydrate subject at least 15 minutes before a session. Subject should drink an 8 oz. (236 ml) glass of filtered or preferably ozonated water before and immediately following each session and drink at least four additional glasses daily for flushing during “neutralization” and for one week thereafter. This is imperative. Ignoring this can cause systemic damage from unflushed toxic wastes.

Do Use extreme caution with subjects with impaired kidney or liver function. Start slowly at first, about 20 minutes per day to reduce detoxification problems.

Do sit or lay down in a comfortable position during a session.




The Pink Piranha is not a  medical device. It is not intended to be used to diagnose, treat or cure any medical or health condition. It is an experimental device to be used at the users own risk and discretion. Please consult a health practitioner for any medical or health related condition.



Additional information

Unit Dimensions

107 mm x 69 mm x 33 mm

Unit Weight

105 grams (without battery)

Unit Base Color


Unit Power Supply

1 x 3.7 volt 1500 mAh 18360 type Lithium-Ion Battery (Not included)

Unit Features

1 x On / Off Switch
1 x Voltage Level Display
1 x Intensity Control Dial ( 0.1 / 1.5 / 3.5 / 10 ) mA
1 x 4 Hertz Frequency Indicator LED (Red)
2 x Gold Plated Electrode cable sockets

Unit Wave Frequencies

4 Hertz

Unit Output

User Adjustable Output of 0.1 / 1.5 / 3.5 / 10 mA

Accessories Included

2 x 90cm Electrode Cables with 2mm gold plated plug
4 x Pre-Gelled Electrode Pads

Support Material

1 x 18 Page Full Color User Manual

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