Nougat Milky Chocolate with Peanuts


*100% Made in Taiwan.

*372g/pack (7.7g/bar)

Free shipping (Airmail with tracking world wide)



This mellow and smooth chocolate wraps with chewy milky nougat and crunchy peanuts, bringing you a marvelous experience in finger sized snacks!


**Not recommended for children under 6 and elderly people wearing dentures.

**This product is made of PEANUTS, MILK, and SOYBEANS, people with special allergies may cause allergic symptoms.

**This product manufacturing plant has equipment for processing products with mango, egg, nut seeds, cereal, sesame and gluten.

**Please store it below 28°C / 84°F, avoid places subject to high temperature, humidity or direct sunlight. After unpacking please consume immediately.

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Weight 0.372 kg

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