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Bumble Bee Model (G8)Gamma ProPro
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Price$199 USD$149 USD
Wave FormBiphasic Square WaveBiphasic Square Wave
Frequencies0.5, 2.5, 4.5, 9.5 16,
40 and 100 Hz
2 – 39 HZ
Freq ControlYesYes
Intensity ControlYesYes
Maximum Current5 mA5 mA
Pulse Width1.5 ms1.5 ms
Electrode TypeGelled Pads / Ear ClipsGelled Pads / Ear Clips
Delta 1-4 Hz
Theta 4-8 Hz 
Alpha 8- 12 Hz
Beta 12-39 Hz 
Gamma 40 / 100 HzNO
Lambda 200 HzNONO
Ripple 220 HzNONO
Omega 1000 HzNONO
LCD displayNONO
Mains Powered
External Battery Powered (9v)
General Wellbeing