Bumble Bee Neuron Queen ($215 USD)

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The Ultimate in the Bumble Bee Series of CES devices.Electric Dreams Bumble Bee NEURON QUEEN is a powerful and awesome new generation of our Brain Wave simulators designed for dedicated Home users, Clinics, Universities and those professionals who wish to push the limits of brain frequencies. Our device comes with an Easy to understand, 20 page color User Manual written in Layman’s English. Includes Standard Operating Procedure, electrode charts, brain chart, protocols and other valuable information to make the most out of the device. No complicated jargon.

The Bumble Bee Gamma Pro was designed specifically for dedicated Clinic, University and home users who want access to all the brain wave frequencies we know of and others that still need to be explored.

The Neuron Queen covers the frequencies of Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Hyper Gamma, Lambda, Ripples, Hyper Ripples and beyond. The Neuron Queen can also produce these waves beyond the normal 1 ~ 1.95 mA as well. Neuron Queen can output up to 6 mA for the serious brain hackers. Each unit is custom-made in Taiwan from high quality Taiwanese components, fitted into a tough ABS 3-D printed case housing.

The Neuron Queen plugs into the mains power supply (110 ~ 240 Volts 50/60 Hertz ) using a 9V 1A power adapter which is supplied. It is intended for everyday usage in homes, clinics, universities and professional environments . It also has an internal 9V battery compartment just in case need to take it away with you on trips, where mains power may not be available. The Neuron Queen automatically switches to battery power if mains power is unavailable. However due to the Queens power needs a 9V battery will be exhausted within 4~5 x 20 minute sessions. So it is recommended the battery be only used as a temporary or backup power source.

The BUMBLE BEE NEURON QUEEN User Manual covers the following:

1. Introduction

 2. Safety Notice

3. Control Panel

4. Standard Operating Procedure

5. Settings Information

6. Electrodes & Electrode Pads

7. Protocol A Memory (ALPHA)

8. Protocol B Addiction (THETA)

9. Protocol C Depression (ALPHA)

10. Protocol D Well-being (DELTA)

11. Protocol E Relaxation (LOW DELTA)

12. Protocol F Motor Skills (BETA)

13. Protocol G DARPA (GAMMA)

14. Brain MAP

15. 9V Power Adapter

16. Specifications

17. Troubleshooting

18. Calibration

19. Contact Information

The Bumble Bee NEURON QUEEN produces the following Brain Wave Frequencies.

1 to 4 Hz (Delta Waves): Delta waves are the slowest of brainwaves. These occur in deep sleep.

4Hz to 8 Hz (Theta Waves): Theta Waves are associated with REM and dreaming. Memory development is enhanced in this state (particularly long term memory), so to is sudden insight and creative thinking.

8 Hz to 12 Hz  (Alpha Waves): occur during intellectual relaxation, deep relaxation or meditation.  They improve academic performance, reduced anxiety and improve  immune system functions.

12 Hz to 39 Hz (Beta Waves) Beta brainwave patterns are generated naturally when in an awake, focused and alert state of consciousness.

40 Hz / 100 Hz (Gamma Waves) Information-rich task processing, high-level information processing.

150 Hz + (Hyper Gamma) Hyper gamma brainwaves exist within the highest range of gamma.

200 Hz + (Lambda) Rarely seen brainwave states associated with ecstatic states of consciousness.

220 Hz+ (Ripple Waves) *

250 Hz+ (Hyper Ripples) *

500 Hz ~ 1500 Hz (Super Ripples) *

Ripples* are associated with a widespread pattern of activation across almost every area of the cortex. They are cognitive biomarkers that represent the most synchronous population pattern in the brain. Their excitatory output affects a wide area of the cortex and several subcortical nuclei. Associated with consummatory behaviors and non-REM sleep, and are influenced by numerous neurotransmitters and neuromodulators. Ripple waves support memory consolidation; selective disruption with memory, influence decisions, plan actions and, potentially, allow for creative thoughts.

 “The Bumble Bee Neuron Queen ” produces all these frequencies for general protocol use and experimental use. A protocol for using each frequency between Delta and Gamma is also included in the user manual. There are no protocols provided above the Gamma Frequency in the user manual.